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Make-Ahead Lentil & Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie - Vegetarian | Vegan

Shepherd's pie and I - we... well, we don't have a very good history. And by not very good, I mean quite horrible. I'm talking PTSD triggered by the words alone.

(Literally anyone around me): "Shepherd's Pie."
Me: (Flashback) Cue the image of my 10-year old self, crying and *welp* vomiting at the kitchen table.

It was a mix of really not liking ground beef, (my parents supported me when I came out as a vegetarian a couple of years later), not really liking potatoes, and REALLY not liking that they were taking something that I loved (corn) and somehow turning it vile and unpalatable.

Fast-forward twenty something years, and my husband tells me that he would like me to make one of his favourite meals, which happens to be... you guessed it... Shepherd's pie. I freeze. My heart starts to palpitate. Sweat covers my body. *Gulp* I can do this. I can conquer this fear.

I started out by replacing the things that I hate with the things that I love: regular po…

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