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Oven Baked Hushpuppies & Whipped Sweet Butter

Two summers ago, we took a gastronomic road trip down to the Southern States. From Montreal to New Orleans, we stopped many places along the way with one main goal: EAT ALL THE FOOD. I could go on for hours listing all  delicious memories - from fried oysters, to breakfast Po'boys, to "three-vegetable-plate" made up of mac&cheese, potato salad, and beans... But it is one particular appetizer at the Four Way Diner in Memphis that now holds a special place in my arteries heart. I've always been a fan of bite-sized anything, so it's no wonder that I'd easily fall in love with sweet and smoky hush puppies. Served alongside the most delicious sweet and savoury whipped butter... I was instantly hooked. 

Upon our return, I decided to re-create a lighter, slightly healthier version of these delicious poppable treats. I knew I had saved a similar recipe a while back, and sure enough, when I went through my piles of ripped-out magazine pages, I found exactly what I …

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