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Butter Lentil Curry

Today I've come to the realization that, while I've been blogging for about eight years now, I haven't yet shared with you my easy lentil curry recipe. I've shared lentil recipes (here and here!) And I've share curry recipes (here and here!) But never a lentil curry! Indian curries, from all regions, are one of my favourite things to cook. They're easy, often involving only one pot. They're full of protein, extremely flavourful, perfectly satiating, and never too heavy - making them excellent vegan or vegetarian options. Indian food newbie? Please note that Indian food is SO much more than butter chicken!

This particular curry recipe differs from my others as it is slightly more liquid. It is a hearty soup/stew like meal that tastes even better the next day - making it a perfect addition to your weekday meal prep lineup. You may soak your lentils overnight - but cook them long enough and it really isn't necessary. I used dupuy lentils, but beluga (bla…

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